Sunday, April 28, 2013

QR Codes... Who Cares?

I'm sorry but QR codes just need to go under a rock and fall asleep forever.

I feel like the concept of them was great: how you can scan this little thing and it'll take you to the website of the product or give you a certain promotional discount or something.  The problems with that are:

1. people rarely ever use that app to be able to scan them

2. If they DO have that app the instance where you can scan the icon has already come and gone (ex. ads or commercials)

3. if you finally get a chance to scan it and it hasn't gone away, usually the picture doesn't scan because it's too blurry or it doesn't register or something.

I've tried using them before and it's super hard to successfully scan and follow one without getting frustrated.  They rarely ever work or there's never really time to open the app before the chance goes away. I do enjoy the concept, I just wish it could be streamlined a little more.

By Woody Lawson

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